Hello World

Now — let me to start with an idea, the premise that all of us are all travelers — hurtling through space and time, on voyages of discovery. On these journeys, we have triumphed and lost, tasted both victory and defeat — quite often, as a community. As communities we have faced insurmountable odds that have often spurred us into action, made us rally together and for one another.

Communities — healthy and strong communities are the glue that holds the fabric of society together. Imagine for moment, a world where communities are prioritised and listened to. A world were local governments are responsive and forward thinking.

Dear reader — that world is possible and it is a world I would like to live in. My personal journey, in pursuit of such a world has led me here, to this point, this intersection — fellow traveler. After much toil and sweat, we would like to present our humble contribution in this regard, a project that is at the intersection of technology, activisim and governance.

Welcome to ActiveCouncil — a service delivery platform aimed at improving municipal responsiveness.